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Wednesday, July 07, 2004  

The interview process is turning out to be an incredibly consuming experience. Who knew there are so many law firms out there?

I've decided to go after midwest and DC firms primarily while sneaking in some SF firms in for good measure (mainly firms with both DC and SF offices). I have however dumped Chicago (because going after three big markets would be a nightmare). As if sifting through the 600-700 firms at OCI isn't enough fun, I've realized that a good chunk of firms I'm interested in within SF and the midwest aren't even participating at GULC's OCI. That means I need to decide whether to participate at one of the GULC GRIPS (regional interview events), schedule my own trips out to these areas and hope that a resume carpet bombing operation nets a couple of interviews, or both.

Truth be told, the DC firms are entirely blending together at this point. I think I picked out 5-10 firms that really interest me. Beyond that criteria like "their website looks nice" or "oh, I guess they do X or Y" were controlling the day within the ranking.

Turns out that latter strategy isn't a good one. Met with the career services rep yesterday and she promptly crossed out a series of firms I had no chance of getting an interview with giving where I had ranked them. So, back to the drawing board. But, that raises the question of whether I bump down my sure bet interviews with midwest firms hoping that firm X can be down around slot 20 and still result in an interview so as to increase the chances with DC firm Y, or, do I take my sure thing interview with a firm that I really want an interview with and say screw it D.C. firm? I don't know why career services doesn't publish the "you had to rank this X last year" data the registrar does for the class lottery.

Finally, it doesn't help that the eAttorney interface is terrible. Who possibly thought having to renumber ALL Of your preferences if you change one preference was a good idea?

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