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Sunday, June 20, 2004  

This has been such a painful weekend. Tomorrow is going to be even worse. I know that's when I'll finally fully break down. It will then be over, she'll be gone for good.

Where is the justice in the world where beheading terrorists and abusive prison guards exist, but, a stunning young woman who lived by her motto of "peace, love, and happy puppies" is so unexplainably taken from us?

I've learned this weekend how strong of a woman I've married. To find this out 2,000 miles away from home, forced to serve as counselor, mother, and friend to the students with her. To endure the frustration of getting home. To find the strength to organize get-togethers with students to ensure all of their memories are shared and not forgotten. To have to break the news to those who had yet to have heard. To have to write and eventually deliver words for her service. I pride myself on being able to walk tough - hang in there in emotionally difficult situations. But, I couldn't do what she's had to do. How is one so emotionally nurturing and yet hold up in the face of such adversity?

I don't know what will come of this tragedy. I can already see that our team is far closer than it ever had. My wife is more in touch with all of the kids than she ever was before this happened. They've spent the last few days laughing, crying, and sharing together. This would have made her proud - she was the queen bee at bringing this team together, since the first day we met her. She only brought with her good to this world. I can only imagine that in leaving, she could only leave us with good.

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