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Wednesday, June 16, 2004  

The summer continues, the wait for grades continues (I swear GULC has to be the last school to release grades by a factor of weeks), and the work continues.

I have any number of things on my plate ranging from editing the professors' book and/or on-going journal articles, doing exhaustive legislative histories on various environmental statutes, to random research. Next week I shift gears to start working on the Blackmun papers (and, if approved the Brennan papers). I even have my very own Library of Congress library card ;)

In wife news, her first-year replacement at her former old high school just won national coach of the year despite the program having shrunk in size this year! Clearly, someone didn't wholly do their research. Oh man, I'm going to hear about that the rest of my life. I feel sorry for that new coach as well just because there are going to be a lot of cranky old coaches out there who have never won the award and here a first year coach won it. Granted, they would have been just as cranky had my wife won it - but, at least she could have said she brought a program of 30 kids to the largest program in the country in 3 years. Needless to say, with her off at Nationals the house is pretty lonely - especially since the dogs just lay by the door whimpering waiting for her to come home (we see where their loyalties are). In better news though she'll be back this weekend and then has 2 months off. The bad news is that she's already committed to working at a debate institute and is planning on heading back to Nebraska for at least a week. But hey, I'm sure there'll be a day in there sometime in there where we are both free enough to do something.

I also met with career services the other day to review the resume. It sucks to think the interview process starts in just two months. The whole process I presume will be a bit of a shock for me. I didn't go crazy like some students sending hundreds of resumes out during 1L - and, having a technical background interviewing is a fairly foreign concept to me (as I think I mentioned previously, despite having worked for some 4 organizations over the course of 7 years before law school I never really had to interview for any of them - the last time I had interviewed for a real job was in high school). Eventually I'll have to motivate myself to start writing firm specific cover letters.

At least the Lakers got their ass kicked.

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